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RASTA, Radiometer for Automatic Stations


In order to improve the understanding of the atmosphere in general and of the radiation ßeld in particular, routine direct radiation measurements represent a powerful tool to monitor changes of the atmospheric transparency, ibr example due to an increase of the aerosol load. All-weather automatic measuring devices are needed for that purpose. The RASTA Systems, consisting of a sun-trackef, an absolute radiometer and up to three sunphotometers, have been deveioped in the recent years within ajoint venture between a research institute, two private companies and a governmental institution. A complete description of the Systems and preliminary results are presented, especially conceming the effects of the aerosol cloud injected in the stratosphere by the Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991.

AutoriHeimo A, Thévoz Ch, Renaud Ph, Brusa RW, BRUSAG, Sekler J, CSEM, Fröhlich C, PMOD/WRC
TipoRapporti e bollettini
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