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The recent increase of atmospheric methane from 10 years of ground-based NDACC FTIR observations since 2005. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (3), 2255-2277.

AutoriBader, W., Bovy, B, Conway, S., Strong, K., Smale, D., Turner, A.J., Blumenstock, T., Boone, C., Collaud Coen, M.*, Coulon, A., Garcia, O., Griffith, D.T., Hase, F., Hausmann, P., Jones, N., Krummel, P., Murata, I., Morino, I., Nakajima, H., O'Doherty, S., Paton-Walsh, C., Robinson, J., Sandrin, R., Schneider, M., Servais, C., Sussmann, R., & Mahieu, E.
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