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Programme and Special Events

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Conference venue (government hall of the Canton St. Gallen)
Conference venue (government hall of the Canton St. Gallen)
Photo: Alex Rubli


Wednesday, October 28th

  • 08:30-09:30 registration
  • 09:30–16:00  sessions
  • 17:00–20:00  guided tour, Apéro riche

Thursday, October 29th

  • 09:00–17:30 sessions
  • 18:30 apéro, workshop dinner

Friday, October 30th

  • 09:00–13:00  sessions

Special Events

Abbey library in St. Gallen
Abbey library in St. Gallen
Photo: St. Gallen-Bodensee Tourismus

There will be a guided tour through the historic center of the town with its typical oriel windows and quaint narrow streets, the Baroque cathedral with its twin spires and the Abbey Library with its gorgeous rococo hall followed by an aperitif (Apéro riche) on the evening of 28 October, 2015. A workshop dinner will be offered on the evening of 29 November, 2015.

Side Meetings

Data Rescue (Chair: Ingeborg Auer)

Parallel Observations Science Team (Chair: Victor Venema)