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GLORI-A: Global-to-Regional ICON Alpine Twin


GLORI-A (Global-to-Regional ICON Alpine Twin) is developing a digital twin of the earth weather system with increased resolution over the Alpine region. GLORI-A will advance modelling science and technology in order to increase horizontal resolution of weather forecasts and to provide user-tailored data. The forecasting model framework of ICON will be integrated with impact models to address crucial information needs on impacts and vulnerabilities. The twin will be used to deliver on-demand and configurable tailored forecasts of the weather for up to one week to users for decision-making and early warning. GLORI-A is the Swiss contribution to GLORI, a tri-lateral project between Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Inizio del progetto01.01.2022
Fine del progetto31.12.2026
StatoProgetti attuali
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