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National Climate Observing System


Scientific data collection requires continuity. Trends and new developments cannot be detected with an isolated snapshot. Equally, sound conclusions as to how our climate is changing can only be reached on the basis of regular, standardized observations of different climate variables. As is strikingly demonstrated by the recently published Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the key findings and conclusions on the state of the climate are dependent on a correct assessment of the chronology of changes. If we were not able to place today’s elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations – or the dramatic retreat of Alpine glaciers – within the detailed historical context of the past 50 years’ developments, we would be unaware of the true interactions within this complex system.

AutoriSeiz, G., Foppa, N, 2007. National Climate Observing System(GCOS Switzerland). Publication of MeteoSwiss and ProClim, 92 p
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