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CATCOS Phase 1

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Inizio del progetto 12.09.2011
Fine del progetto 31.03.2014
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CATCOS Phase 1 aimed at supporting the establishment and, resumption of high-quality observations in seven developing and emerging countries. Upon completion, Chile, Indonesia, Kenya and Vietnam were equipped with atmospheric measurements, and glacier monitoring was supported in Colombia, Ecuador and Kyrgyzstan.

Visione ingrandita:  	Grey-white world map with blue dots for project sites in the atmospheric domain (El Tololo, Chile; Bukit Koto Tabang, Indonesia; Mount Kenya, Kenya; Pha Din, Vietnam) and green dots for project sites with activities in the terrestrial domain (Antizana 15 Alpha, Ecuador; Abramov, Golubin, Suek Zapadniy and Glacier 354, Kyrgyzstan; La Conejera, Colombia). The yellow dot denotes Switzerland as project coordinator.
Areas of intervention CATCOS Phase 1

The following results were achieved in Phase 1.   

Establishing Atmospheric Observations

In Chile, Indonesia and Vietnam selected stations were equipped with tailor-made instrumentation for aerosol measurements. In addition, greenhouse gas monitoring was initiated in Chile and Vietnam. The implementation of aerosol measurements at Mount Kenya was postponed to Phase 2.

Start and Resume Terrestrial Observations

In Central Asia, mass balance measurements were resumed at the Kyrgyz glaciers Abramov, Glacier No. 354, Golubin and Suek Zapadniy. In South America, aerial and on-site glacier surveys were conducted at the glaciers Antizana 15 Alpha, Ecuador and La Conejera, Colombia.

Training and Visibility of the Project

The implementation of the measuring equipment was accompanied by on-site trainings, remote support and a training course in Switzerland (Summer School). Local partner institutions were instructed in standard operating procedures and quality control of atmospheric and terrestrial data. Activities then proceeded to enhance capacities in data management and analysis. Overall, CATCOS Phase 1 raised the awareness of the value of the collected high-quality climate data by means of print material, presentations at meetings and conferences, as well as country visits.

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